Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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Sigbin is a blood sucking creature from Phillipan Folklore said to lurk in the shadows at night, who sucks the blood of victims by consuming their shadows.It is said to walk backwards with its head lowered between its hind legs, and is said to have the ability to become invisible to other creatures, especially humans.It is said to emit a pungent body odour.


The Sigbin resembles a goat without horns but with large ears. These ears can clap together, much like a pair of human hands. It also possesses a long flexible tail which it uses sometimes as a whip. The Sigbin, it is said, has a distinct pungent odour which is immediately noticeable. 


According to legend, there are certain families who own and held command over aa Sigbin. These are called Sigbinan. They keep the Sigbin in jars made of clay and have power of those in their care. The Aswang are also said to keep these creatures as pets.

The creature is active during Easter, looking for children that it will kill for their hearts, which it fashions into amulets.

The Sigbin not only kill people by biting them, or sucking their blood, but spend a lot of time eating charcoal or paper. In some cases they are known to eat pumpkins or squash and are often reported in fields of these.Legends also say that if you walk in front of a Sigbin, you will be fine. It is only when you walk behind them that you are in mortal danger.

There is speculation that the legend may be based on actual sightings of a cryptid related to kangaroo. In 2005,Scientists discovered a rare cat-fox, a potential new species of carnivore described as having hind legs that are substantially longer than its front legs, it has been postulated that reported sightings of Sigbin may actually be sightings of a member or relative of the cat-fox species.Others speculate that the creature may be one related to the Thylocene, Tasmanian Tiger.

The myth is common inn Visayas Islands and Mindanao. It is also said that it looks like a dog and owned by rich people who hid those creatures in a jar.


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