Saturday, January 7, 2017

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The capelobo is a chimera-like creature from Brazilian myth, particularly in the states of Pará and Maranhão.


Capelobos have two forms, animal and humanoid. In animal form, they appear as a creature resembling tapir but are bigger, faster, and thinner. They have a busy coat of black fur and a snout that appears similar to the snout of anteater or armadillos.They are shaggy and ugly.They live in Tropical forests Pará and Maranhão in Brazil.

It is not clear how the capelobo transforms from animal to humanoid form, or if it is not a matter of transformation at all, but they are clearly separate. The humanoid form of these creatures is muscular with a human body and an anteater's head. They maintain their thick, matted coat of fur, and in addition, are covered head to toe in an impenetrable and thick armor-like skin. Even hunched, they are two meters (seven feet) high.

Their front claws are similar to that of a tamandua, a kind of small anteater. However, their feet have a set of perfectly round hooves (or no feet at all) that leave an imprint in the ground like a bottle, making them difficult to track. Another notable feature of the capelobo is its unearthly stench, so powerful that it is said that it is always surrounded by a cloud of flies.

Rarely, it is described as having a singular eye or only one leg; however, these are traits more often associated with the similar mapinguari. Some accounts also mention its long and sharp fangs.
Capelobo's body parts


The capelobo can stun with its foul stink, and even those who survive the encounter will get headaches and dizziness for several days to a month. It is also known for its shrill screams, which can be heard for ten miles and are powerful enough to bring even the bravest of hunters to their knees and completely paralyze most with fear. When heard in the distance, they can bewilder hunters and travelers, causing them to become lost and sometimes mad. 

Their thick hide and fur act as a sort of armour, and even bullets bounce off of their hides. They can only be killed by a blow to the eye or to the navel, and some accounts even claim that it must be done with a spear.Hunters must use their wits to defeat this beast.

Even while predatory, capelobos do not actively hunt humans. They prefer dogs, cats, and goats, especially newborns. However, if they can manage to capture a human, they will grab them tightly and suck their brains out through the top of their skull. They are more likely to devour someone if they are foolish enough to hunt on a Sunday. They have a ravenous appetite, and they hunt at night to satiate their unending hunger.

It is said that these creatures are a sort of lycanthrope; however, rather than changing between forms, a human who has changed into a capelobo has no hope of turning back. According to the legend, when a person is old and dying, if they choose to spend their last days in the woods, they will transform into one of these monsters.


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