Wednesday, January 4, 2017

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El Cuero

Deep in the Andes mountain range, in the Southern Province of Neuquen, is a small glacial lake, which is situated approximately 25-miles away from the Chilean border. This icy water is known as Lago (Lake) Lacar, shares many traits in common with other mountainous, freshwater bodies (such as LAKE TELETSKOYE and LAKE BAIKAL).


El Cuero, meaning "Cowhide" the locals describe this as an extremely dangerous creature having a hairless head and spine, and a body structure which has the appearance of cowhide which has been splayed out to dry, hence the name. It has wide pectoral fins and a long, whip-like tail, absent of a barb. Its eyes are on stalks and its mouth is apparently extendable, like that of a sturgeon. Eyewitness have also reported seeing a serious of razor sharp claws along the fringes of El Cuero, which the creature uses to secure its prey.


There have been countless, yet controversial, attacks on humans. One story tells of a woman washing clothes in the Hua-Hum River; her baby slept nearby. According to her, the creature burst from the water like a crocodile and snatched her baby as it lay next to her on the shore.. It then slipped into the water as quickly as it appeared.

Similar creatures to El Cuero have been reported to dwelling the rivers and lagoons of both Argentina and Chile, and the legend of El Cuero has circulated throughout the ingenious populations of these two nations. Some Investigators have pointed out the similarities between this animal and the vicious Hueke-Hueke, another South American lake cryptid. So similar are the reports of these two creatures that many researchers suggest that the creatures are actually the same animal.

Additional evidence of this creature’s amphibious tendencies are said to be found in the bird and animal remains, which litter the Lacar shoreline after one of its voracious, nocturnal feasts.


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