Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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Wasgo (Haidu Legend)

A sea cryptozoological creature from the beliefs of the Haida Native Americans (Northwest Coast of Americas). It is long reptilian serpent that has small legs and a small head. The legend tells of a young gambling man with a pesky mother-in-law, who goes dive-fishing at night dressed in the sking of sea monster. He caught many fish that day but was then overcome by two whales. The two whales after making the fake skin his own, allowed him to go back to land only for the purpose of bringing his wife to his new underwater home. Good fortune will come to anyone lucky enough to see him, his wife, or their offspring, the "Daughters of the Creeks." It is said to be very auspicious to see the Wasgo, his wife or his children. 

Also known as Sisiutl, Haietlik and Sea-Wolf.The creature has been a totem animal of several regional Indian tribes, a distinction shared only with the Thunderbird. Native representations of the beast depict a long, serpentine animal with small forelimbs and a doglike or crocodilian head. The beast is aquatic, extremely powerful — mightier than the killer whale, carnivorous, toothed, tailed, and finned. The animal may have had only forelegs.


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