Monday, April 10, 2017

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The lampong is an Ilonggot gnome disguised as a one-eyed white deer.Its true appearance is a humanoid creature two feet tall.It wears a tall, black, two-peaked cap. It is bright-eyed and long-bearded. It lives in the forest shepherding wild beasts, risking its life to save them. It beckons men who shoot at these beasts. If someone tries to shoot at it, the first five tries will be without success, giving it time to escape, at least. But when it does get hit, it turns into a Duwende, which by then will give it powers to inflict vengeance.When wounded it retaliates by inflicting a fatal illness to the hunter. Once a hunter was out one night hunting with his bright light in the forest as he came across Two brilliant eyes that showed up and he shot between them but when he search for the animal believe to be a deer Nothing was found. Few minutes he saw the bright eyes again so he shot again and again but never hit the animal until the the sixth time he glimpsed the light fur of a white deer Then immediately it changed form and the hunter saw standing there, a little duwende about two feet high. It had on only a tall two-peaked black cup and a long white beard reaching to the knees. Its eyes were very brilliant. It stood there beckoning to the hunter but just then the rest of the hunting party walk up and saw the duwende. So frightened they ran scream and cried out: “It is the Lampong,” and ran away.


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