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Canberra Ghosts

Canberra's Scariest Ghost Tours and Haunted Houses

Canberra is famous for being home to politicians, Yet there's another side to the city, one filled with strange stories of underground bunkers, secret listening towers, ghosts, haunted cottages, UFOs and hairy beast.Take to the nation's capital at night and you're sure to experience hair-raising paranormal activity unlike any other.Mysterious tales first told by early Aboriginal Australians have re-emerged time and again, from 18th century European settlers all the way to present-day witnesses.Perhaps there are natural, or man-made, rational explanations for the eerie events right at the seat of government, but whatever the truth behind the myriad conspiracy theories, one thing is for sure: something weird is going on in Canberra:


Blundells Cottage

There's nothing like a scary story to get your bones rattling and Blundells Cottage is home to one of the scariest stories in town! Enter the door of the cottage where you'll be greeted by the ghost of a young teenager who died in the cottage in 1892 at the age of just 16, as a result of burns sustained following an ironing accident. Bringing the sights, sounds and smells of the unfortunate disaster, the ghost wanders the building day and night. Entry is free but you'll only be able to visit during daylight.

2.Duntroon House:

Duntroon House – the haunt of Canberra's best-known ghost.Built in 1833 by merchant shipper Robert Campbell, Duntroon House is the oldest building in Canberra.These days it is primarily used as the Officer's Mess for the Royal Military College but it's not just our top brass that wander its stately corridors and around its dark corners. 

 During the 1970s, residents of the Royal Military College started to report glimpses of a glowing ghost of a young woman in 19th century period costume.Soon after, some residents also complained a bed, freshly made in the morning, would be found as if it had been slept in later in the day, with pillows hurled around the room.

This room, on the first floor, once belonged to Sophia Susanna Campbell (Robert's granddaughter), who, on May 31, 1885, aged just 28, died after falling from the room's window.  In recent months the vision of a lady in a white dress has been seen wandering aimlessly through the wanders the building day and night.

3.Air Disaster Memorial:

On August 13, 1940, a Lockheed Hudson bomber plummeted into a hill between Canberra Airport and Queanbeyan, burst into flames, sadly killing all 10 people on board.What has long been the final resting place of the people killed in Canberra’s air crash disaster is now one of the most haunted attractions in town. Located near Canberra Airport, the memorial is said to be haunted by those who lost their lives at the site on that fatal day, back in 1940.Tales abound like the one about the teenager who fled the forest screaming, claiming she was being followed by images of an airman on fire and young couples (prior to the access road being closed to the public, it was once a popular "parking" spot) catching fleeting glimpses of a ghostly figure as it darts across the road.There are also stories of people claiming to hear a phantom plane crashing, and also strange and unexplained flashing lights in the old dirt car park adjacent to the memorial.  Located within the forest, it is said that many visitors run away after sighting ghosts. Do you think you have what it takes to face these demons?

4.The Jingera Yahoo (Yowie):

The legend of a wild, hairy man has been told since Australia was colonized. Formerly known as a “yahoo”, now the “yowie”, this Bigfoot-like creature has been seen around NSW. Queensland and the Northern Territory.
In Bredbo, near Canberra, locals tried to catch such a monster, according to an account from The Queanbeyan Age in August 1886: “Whilst a young man named Flynn was looking after stock at the back of the Bredbo station one afternoon last week, he was surprised to observe a hairy human form, about seven feet in height, walking in the bush. The wild man walked with an unsteady, swinging, and fast step, his arms being bent forward and nearly reaching the ground, whilst the colour was described as ‘bay’, between a red and chestnut.
 Flynn did not take a second look at the uncanny creature but rode as fast as he could to the homestead of Mr. Crimmings, nearly two miles away, to whom he reported the strange, mysterious affair. Since then, Mr. Crimmings himself has encountered the monster, and his account tallies exactly with that given by Mr. Flynn. But Mr. Crimmings heard the animal make a cry that sounded very like ‘Yahoo’. We hear that Mr. Joseph Hart, of Jingera, also saw the Yahoo as he was returning home one afternoon. The strange being is, no doubt, the ‘Wildman’ that has been so often talked of about Jingera for so many years past. It is the intention of Bredbo and Jingera residents to scour the bush in a strong body and capture the monster alive or dead.

5.National Film and Sound Archive of Australia:

This art deco building once housed the somewhat gory Institute of Anatomy from 1931 to 1984 and is home to a bevy of "paranormal" activity. The downstairs corridor is apparently one of the major hot-spots for poltergeist activity, and it's little wonder, given it was once lined with hundreds of human skulls.
Other paranormal phenomena reported here includes a poltergeist that hurls the circular metal containers of the old-fashioned film strips, a petri dish throwing poltergeist in an upstairs darkroom, and the ghostly vision of a child looking up through a grill in the old cinema. There have been over 100 sightings of ghosts here alone so prepare to be afraid.


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