Saturday, November 12, 2016

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Lone Pine Mountain Devil

The Lone Pine Mountain Devil is a winged carnivore of North American folklore. Some believe it to be a West Coast relative of the New Jersey Devil. One early account by a priest described them as “winged demons” sent from the “depths of hell.”Also referred to as the California Mountain Devil, the animal is said to be a bat-like legendary creature or cryptid believed to inhabit the wilderness and mountainous regions of the American Southwest and Northern Mexico.


The Lone Pine Mountain Devil is usually described as a large, furry, multi-winged bat-like creature with razor-like talons and multiple layers of deadly, venomous fangs.These vicious creatures attack the face and head of their prey, and are said to only eat the soft cartilage of the face and torso, leaving the rest of their slaughter to simply rot for other scavengers.The scientific community considers the Lone Pine Mountain Devil to be a combination of folklore and misidentification rather than a real creature.


Tales of the Mountain Devil began circulating in the 1800s. As more people moved into California, Early settlers, including the Forty-niners, began spreading tales of the creature’s existence after numerous coyote and bobcat carcasses were found in the rough desert and mountain wilderness of the Southwest in the mid 19th Century. No one knows who first coined the name “Lone Pine Mountain Devil.” The Mountain Devil became legend as the settler’s told each other tales of finding entire convoys of adventurers, families, and gold prospectors who had been murdered, their faces left unrecognizable and their torsos appeared to have been eaten clean to the bone.Since the early-1900s, sightings have dropped significantly. Some attribute the massive population influx of the early 20th Century to the regions of Southern California (Los Angeles and San Diego areas) as to the disappearance of this alleged beast. 

After years in decline, the new millennium has seen a sudden jump in Mountain Devil sightings.Many of these sightings supposedly take place west of Lone Pine, California in Alabama Hills along Whitney Portal Road on the way up to Mount Whitney, the tallest peak in the continental United States.California cryptozoologists have stated that they have recorded an exponential rise between 2003 and 2010. Local authorities are currently investigating the disappearance of a group of local high school students missing in the Death Valley region since March, 2010.


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